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Welcome to RX CUTS. Here on www.rxcuts.com, you will find different haircuts and hairstyles by RX CUTS along with collaborations and events with various industries.

RX CUTS started with a Hair Artist that worked his way throughout Pharmacy School. Hence the logo RX CUTS baring the scissor to complete the RX. While actively working as a Pharmacist, he strives to also open RX CUTS, where Hair Artists can showcase their talents in a pharmacy themed establishment while providing Hair Services. As a Pharmacist and Hair Artist, he continues to encourage people to stay Far From Generic.

RX CUTS is currently unavailable and in concept building process.

Thanks to all that have helped out with RX CUTS thus far.

Please continue to visit RX CUTS and Stay FAR FROM GENERIC.


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RX CUTS: Collaborations – In Sixth Gear (ISG)

RX CUTS had the privilege of collaborating with In Sixth Gear (ISG).

Please visit In Sixth Gear  (ISG) at:

In Sixth Gear
13046 Race Track Road
Suite 114
Tampa, FL 33626

Email: info@insixthgear.com
Toll Free: 1-888-619-4327 (GEAR)

Please check out the Video Project below with In Sixth Gear (ISG):

ISG: Custom Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera with Alanna Kolette


Below are photos from Photo Shoots with ISG:

ISG: Mercedes CLK AMG 63 with Gabriella Katia
Photography: Doug Ochoa



ISG: Lexus ISF with Brittney
Photography: Michael Cheung



ISG: Mercedes CLK AMG 63 with Alisa
Photography: Michael Cheung



ISG: BMW M3 with Kendra
Photography: Doug Ochoa



ISG: Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera with Alanna Kolette
Photography: Doug Ochoa


RX CUTS: ABC Nightline News – The Business of Hair Care

RX CUTS would like to thank Lynne Guey from ABC News and everyone who helped out with this project “The Business of Hair Care,” featured on ABC Nightline News.

Below are photos from the project film session:

RX CUTS: Vietnamese New Years (Tet): Styling and Helping Fashion Show

Thanks to all those that helped and came out to support the Vietnamese New Years Event, especially Vanie, Lynne, Crystal, and Anna! Fashion show featured Jackie Thai Ao Dai.

Below are photos from the Tet Event: